Can I Apply for SSI Disability If I Have Spinal Stenosis?

Living with spinal stenosis can be very difficult. The pain can make it too difficult to walk, let alone work. People with this condition may feel the need to file for Social Security disability benefits. However, there are certain things that you’ll need to do. Just because you have this condition doesn’t necessarily mean that your application will be approved.

Before You Even Apply for Benefits

In order for you to receive Social Security disability benefits, you must first be officially diagnosed with spinal stenosis symptoms. You also need to begin receiving a spinal stenosis treatment in order to correct the condition. When you apply, you will need to submit your official medical records and also any treatments that you have received and how it worked out.

Before you even apply for benefits, you should begin initial treatments. These include anti-inflammatory medications and medications that help you deal with the pain caused by the condition. Your doctor may also prescribe you cortisone injections or even suggest that you undertake physical therapy. In some cases, you may even need surgery. Surgery will remove any tissue that is compressing your nerves and causing the pain. The success of the surgery depends on how long the nerve has been damaged and whether it has suffered any permanent injury.

Before you can get social security disability benefits, a doctor will need to review your medical records. He will need to determine if your specific circumstances meet the qualifications set by the agency. Your doctor will also need to submit a detailed report as to why he feels that you meet these qualifications.

How Limiting the Condition Has Made You Become?

Application to receive Social Security benefits will also need to show that your condition is very painful. Showing that you have muscle weakness or a limited range of motion of your spine will also help your case. It is also common for you to have to undergo a straight-leg raising test.

Just because you have spinal stenosis doesn’t mean that you can’t function normally sometimes. The Social Security agency will need to determine how well you can function even with the condition. Therefore, you need to submit a report detailing exactly how limiting the condition has made you become. The more pain you experience on a daily basis, the better chance your application has of being approved.

Don’t Try to Submit the Application By Yourself

It is best that you not try to submit the application to the agency by yourself. You should seek to hire an attorney who specializes in Social Security disability claims. This attorney will help you file all the necessary paperwork effectively so that you have the best shot at getting approved. However, you’ll need to pay a fee if you win your case. I believe that is not going to be a problem.

Spinal stenosis can make it very difficult for you to live a normal life or work. If you have this condition, it is possible for you to file for Social Security disability benefits. You’ll need to consult a doctor to get diagnosed and treated for the condition. The doctor can tell you if you qualify based on their medical record. It is best that you get help from an attorney before filing your claim.

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